Thank you for purchasing G-taste products. If by any chance you have issues with any of our products, please contact our service team for assistance in troubleshooting or warranty service.  PLEASE NOTE: G-taste has a 180 day warranty policy for all authentic G-taste products. Our warranty policy applies to those customers (G-taste distributors and wholesalers) who purchase from G-taste directly. For those who purchase our products from the third party, please consult with your supplier for warranty policy. If you have any questions regarding our products, please email to info@g-taste.top.

Contact Us: info@g-taste.top

G-TASTE Will Provide Repair Or Replacement Under Warranty According To The Following Terms And Conditions. 

 1. Warranty provides repair or, at its option, replace without cost to the owner either for material or labor of any part of the product which is found to be defective within six months from the date of purchase, given that the product is confirmed authentic with a valid security number. 

 2. This warranty may be void as a result of the following circumstances: 

     -The customer does fail to provide this warranty card and the original receipt of purchase. 

     -Merchandise failure or damage is caused by improper use or unauthorized modifications or adjustments. 

     -Merchandise failure or damage as a result of excessive force or impact and not recommended operating conditions (see user manual) 

     -Merchandise failure or damage is caused by water or other conducting liquids. 

     -Merchandise failure or damage is caused by the usage with non-G-TASTE brand suggested components. 

 3. This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments including but not limited to: mouthpiece, coil heads, batteries, and USB cable. 

 4. This warranty does not cover any non-G-TASTE brand products even in case of their direct involvement.  

To Apply For After-Sale Service, You Need To Provide The Following Info: 

 1. Payment receipt or order invoice of the order. 

 2. A pic to show the bottom of the product and the QR code side of the package box, numbers or letters in the red rectangle need to be clear

G-TASTE Reserves The Right Of Final Decision In All Warranty Cases. G-TASTE May Interpret And Revise The Content Of This Warranty Card.


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