Aries 30 RTA
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    G-taste Aries 30 RTA Product introduction

    Aries 30 RTA is amazing! Its name says it all:

    1. A for Atomizer, ambitious and courageous sign
    2. R for rebuildable, refreshing experience for every time
    3. I for incredible cloud, ineffable mysteries
    4. E for Excellent flavor, easygoing and enjoying   
    5. S for smart, screw it by your touch
    6. Aries 30 RTA gives you a better vape trip!

    Adjustable airflow control.  
    Aries 30 RTA have 12 Levels Airflow control, Unique screw AFC system.
    G-taste Aries 30 RTA
    Huge cloud Delivery.
    The shortest path of Large airflow coming from the side directly provide huge cloud.
    G-taste Aries 30 RTA
    Easy coil building.
    The large coil deck space of Aries 30 RTA built in the base is easy to build.
    G-taste Aries 30 RTA
    Large capacity(10ml & 6ml).
    6ml and 10ml Capacity glass tube in one pack. Just carry Aries 30 RTA to anywhere and don't need to worry about the problem of lack of E-juice.
    Aries 30 RTA
    Smart design.
    Touch it, screw it.
    Outstanding airflow Systems.
    Directly smooth side airflow blows to the coils providing excellent flavor.
    G-taste Aries 30 RTA

    G-taste Aries 30 RTA

    G-taste Aries 30 RTA



    G-taste Aries 30 RTA