Why people vape?

  In recent years, the number of vapers has been increasing rapidly. Market research estimates that the number of adult vapers will reach almost 55 million by 2021. Maybe you’re a beginner or you want to learn about vape. This article tells why people vape. Have a look, are these your reason to vape?

  1.Less harmful

Public Health England latest report on vaping point out that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes. Vapors can choose e-juice with lower nicotine content for reducing damage to the body.In other words,compared to traditional fixed nicotine ratio tobacco,smokers can control the content of nicotine by electing e-juice.So many people start vaping instead of smoking.


  1. Lower cost

According to the survey,a pack of regular cigarettes spends about $2,569.60 per year in USA.However,a typical vaping devices cost only $35-$50 and annual e-liquid would cost around $480.Further more,Vape can supported secondary use compared to regular cigarettes. In a word,vaping is a cost-effective way to save money.

  3.Richer flavors

There are a variety of e-juice you can choose on the market.You can try one bottle of e-juice, and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is find another one that suits your taste . By testing different e-juices, you will find the best one you like.So you can enjoy different e-juice flavors every day to meet different experience.

  4.Better lifestyle

With the rapid development of social,there are many phenomena shows that vaping has developed into a lifestyle gradually . Some vapors gather in special bars and vape shops to share their collections and creations such as mechanical mods. Vapers also active online, you can find several groups and online communities of vape fans. Vaping is not only growing in popularity but also becoming an iconic pop culture.

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