How to Make E-liquid with G-taste DIY Tool Kit?


Vapers! Having trouble to find the e-liquid that you dreamed for? Wanna save money on your e-liquid?Starting to make your own e-liquid can be the solution.And you could get all the equipment you need with G-taste E-liquid DIY Tool Kit.


We are gonna show you how to make e-liquid with G-taste DIY Tool Kit. Firstly, besides all the equipment in the DIY tool kit, PG, VG, Nicotine and flavor ingredients are also required to make e-liquid. It’s easy to get online. (Just search it on Ebay, Amazon, ect)

With all the equipment and material ready, we need to design a formulation of e-liquid. One of my colleague designed one in advance for us. (By the way, it’s delicious, highly recommended)

Here it is: 

VG: 70% 21ML 

 PG: 11% 3.3ML 

 Nicotine (36mg/ml) 1.5mg/ml(4%) 1.25ML 

 Golden Pineapple 5% 

 1.5MLJuicy Orange 5% 

 1.5MLCreamy Yogurt 5% 1.5ML

There are many website online which offers calculator to calculate e-liquid recipe. 
Such as: 

After we finish the recipe, all we need to do is add every ingredients to the beaker, mix the e-liquid with the mixer, let it sit for a whole night. Then it’s done and waiting for you to enjoy. 
(Note: Please add every ingredients precisely according to the recipe. And when you add nicotine in it, please make sure to do it with gloves on. Because it’s a strongly corrosive substance which can not touched by hand. If touched it by accident, please wash hands thoroughly and immediately ) 
Please check the following video to see the detailed steps:

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